5 Dollar Tree Items That Are Worth Buying Now

Who says the good stuff has to cost a lot? Regular shoppers at Dollar Tree will tell you it doesn’t have to cost any more than $1.25.

Dollar Tree, in fact, has plenty of high-quality merchandise for use around the home, allowing you to skip the more expensive big-box and department stores for things you use every day or on special occasions. Just what are some of the aisles with items that should catch your eye? Read on to learn more about five high-quality items available at Dollar Tree.

1. Drinking Glasses

“Dollar Tree has a wide selection of drinkware from coolers and tumblers that are surprisingly stylish to plastic drinkware that’s great for kids and adults alike,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with “But one area the store really shines is with its specialty glassware — Dollar Tree has not only wine and champagne glasses but also margarita glasses, Irish coffee mugs, daiquiri glasses, martini glasses and dessert shot glasses.

“Obviously, you don’t have to use these for cocktails — they can be used for desserts or just serving up whatever beverage you want in a fancy way. And at $1.25 each, you can’t beat the price, as you can get exactly the number you need without having to buy multiple sets.”

2. Charger Plates

Charger plates give the dinner table a boost in appearance for special occasions.

“If you like creating sophisticated place settings for the dinner table, Dollar Tree has a decent array of charger plates to fit whatever theme you’re planning,” Ramhold said. “There are standard solid colors to choose from, but metallic colors like silver and rose gold, faux wood patterns, marble and even buffalo check patterns.

“These are plastic so you don’t have to worry about breakage and, since they’re only $1.25 each, you can mix and match or stock up on multiple sets without breaking the bank.”

Make Your Money Work for You

3. Hallmark Cards

The Hallmark brand long has been the gold standard for many people who enjoy sending and receiving greeting cards and thank-you notes. Dollar Tree has both. Send your gratitude with note cards bought in a pack for $1.25.

The store also has a great selection of birthday, anniversary, wedding, sympathy greetings, as well as cards for other occasions, at a bargain price. Single cards are no more than $1 each, and some are priced at two for $1. Compare that to Hallmark cards at drugstores and other retailers that cost $3 or more.

4. Vases

If you love fresh flowers or decorate with dried arrangements, why stick with one boring, all-purpose vase?

“Creating centerpieces for whatever occasion you want is affordable and you have a ton of styles to choose from, including hurricane style, bud vases, floral bowls and even plastic terrarium globes,” Ramhold said of the Dollar Tree selection. “With that kind of variety, there’s bound to be a vase that works for whatever project you’re planning.”

5. Storage and Organization Items

“If you’re looking to clean up your space and be more organized, Dollar Tree is a great place to start,” Ramhold said. “There are baskets and caddies, storage bags, hooks, racks and shelves and decorative cube storage, too. Prices are all reasonable, of course, and the items come in a number of styles and colors to suit your tastes. Rather than spending a fortune at a store designed solely for organization systems, this is a super affordable way to tackle the task.”

Experienced Dollar Tree shoppers will advise you that there are some hits and misses when it comes to quality — stay away from the plastic trash bags, for example — but the store offers some real winners when it comes to quality, too. At Dollar Tree, you’ll find high-quality items that will upgrade your space or send your best to friends and family — all for $1.25 or less.

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