6 Jean Jacket Styling Tips If You’re Over 60

There are few pieces more versatile than the jean jacket. It’s the first thing we reach for each spring and fall when the temperature is cool at the beginning and end of the day and hot in the afternoon, and it’s a summer staple for air-conditioned spaces and breezy evenings. But you’re not alone if you find this jacket difficult to style.

For one, different iterations of denim jackets go in and out of the trend cycle, which makes it challenging to know which type to buy. And then there’s the fact that it’s made of the same material as many of our favorite pants. To set you up for success, we asked personal stylists for their favorite ways to wear jean jackets for women over 60. Keep reading for the best tips.

1. Invest in a cropped, medium-wash jacket.

Different jean jacket styles come and go in the trend cycle, but cropped, medium-wash ones are a classic.

“Both the color and silhouette are so timeless they’re essentially trend-proof, plus the cropped length ending at the natural waistline flatters any shape by keeping the figure parsed in thirds,” says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling.

“Light wash, dark denim, and distressed finishes are also great, though tend to be more trend-driven, so if you’re looking for timeless, go for a medium wash,” she adds. It’s the type of jacket you’ll buy once and wear forever.

If you’re looking for something more unique, Kosich also suggests belted jean jackets. “They add curves, especially for anyone whose waist is disappearing after 60,” she says. “They also work wonders to elevate an outfit, performing double-duty as a pseudo-blazer in a pinch.” A denim shacket is another great option if you plan to wear the piece in warmer weather

2. Wear a Canadian tuxedo.

The Canadian tuxedo sometimes gets a bad name, but when styled properly, it’s totally timeless.

“In fact, double denim has been growing in popularity this year, making it a favorite of style makers everywhere,” says Kosich. “Get the look by pairing your denim jacket with a pair of jeans and, voilà, it’s as easy as that.”

You can add a pop of color with a silk scarf worn around your neck, tied as a belt, or rolled around your purse’s top handle. Make sure each of your clothing pieces is well-tailored to avoid an overwhelming look.

3. Wear a unique pair of pants.

The Canadian tuxedo isn’t your only option. “In the fall, I love the look of a jean jacket over a green cargo pant and a crisp white T-shirt,” says personal stylist Jill Marinelli. “The texture of the denim contrasts nicely with the crispness of a white T-shirt, and green cargoes on the bottom are a refreshing change from denim on denim.” Complete the look with a white fashion sneaker.

4. Wear with a sundress.

One of our favorite ways to style a jean jacket is over a sundress. “It is a great way to transition between seasons and is also a nice hack if the dress you are wearing has thin spaghetti straps and feels a bit too bare,” says Marinelli. “The jacket covers bra straps and prevents women from having to wear a strapless bra.” It’s the perfect weight for walks on a breezy beach or sitting in an air-conditioned restaurant.

5. Don’t forget accessories.

Wear your jacket with fun jewelry to take the styling up a notch. “Button the top button only, then accessorize with a chunky statement necklace in rhinestone, gold, or silver,” says Kosich. “The necklace should sit over the jacket but under the collar, which grounds the look and makes it more casual.”

A nice watch is another great addition, especially if you roll the cuff of the jacket to make it a three-quarter sleeve.

6. Toss it over your shoulders.

For a low-key way to style your jean jacket, simply throw it over your shoulders, suggests Marinelli. “It covers up the shoulders and gives you a bit of warmth on a cool night, but also looks super chic,” she says. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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