7 Best Condiments to Buy at Costco, According to a Chef

If you ask me, a trained chef and recipe developer, every well-stocked (or even partially stocked) kitchen should have a good selection of condiments. Whether you’re dressing up burgers, dunking chips or crudité, or drizzling vinaigrette over a salad, keeping your fridge door stocked with the right bottles and jars can be the key to a flavorful meal.

And if you’re regularly feeding a crowd or just like to keep grocery shopping to a minimum—plus you happen to be a proud card-carrying Costco member—you’ll want to stock up on these condiments next time you head to the store. These are the best condiments to buy at Costco. The good news is that most of them have a long shelf-life, so even smaller households can reap the benefits of buying in bulk.

1. Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Purists will agree that the best (and really, the only) ketchup that’s worth squirting on a burger or zig-zagging down a hotdog is Heinz. And ketchup lovers will appreciate the bulk-sized 44-ounce bottles of the sweet red condiment that you can only find at Costco (in three-packs, nonetheless).

2. Cholula Hot Sauce

Dash droplets of this not-too-spicy hot sauce over eggs, avocado toast, pizza, and much more. Cholula has a signature flavor that’s bright, acidic, piquant, and just spicy enough to liven up nearly anything on your plate with a kick of heat from arbol and piquin peppers.

3. Jongga Sliced Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Part condiment, part side dish, kimchi is a spicy fermented treat to add to fried rice, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and soups. And don’t be intimidated by having to work your way through a Costco-sized jar. (This one weighs in at over 88 ounces!) Kimchi is well preserved in a funky sweet and spicy paste that only gets better with age.

4. Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce

This sweet and sticky BBQ sauce has a cult following for a reason. It’s well balanced with deep, caramel flavors and back-of-the-throat heat that’s delicious on juicy pulled pork, crisp-skinned barbecued chicken, or stirred into rich homemade baked beans.

5. French’s Yellow Mustard

You can’t have a bulk supply of ketchup in the fridge without an equally generous amount of French’s classic yellow mustard by its side. These bright yellow squeeze bottles add punch and tang to your cookout favorites, salad dressings, and pretzels.

6. Kirkland Signature Pesto

This jarred pesto sauce is better than most because it’s found in the refrigerator section at the warehouse. That means that it’s not high-heat canned so it becomes shelf-stable. This way, the pesto maintains its vibrant color, creamy texture, and refreshing, herby flavor. Dollop it on pasta, flatbreads, sandwiches, and fancy toasts.

7. Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise

Mayo is essential for adding creaminess to dressings for lettuce, pasta, potatoes, and eggs, as well as helping the outside of your grilled cheese turn delightfully golden. You’ll also be glad to have a giant jar of Hellman’s on hand when you want to throw together an aioli to elevate your frozen french fries.

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