The Word Game Each Zodiac Sign Should Play

First, there was Scrabble. Then, with the advent of social media, everyone was playing Words With Friends. Fast forward to the pandemic years, and Wordle swept the nation. It’s safe to say there is no shortage of word games, whether you prefer a pen and paper, getting together with friends for a game night, or simply pulling out your phone.

But that also means it can be hard to narrow down your choices—which is where your horoscope can come in handy. According to astrologers, this is the word game you should play, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to see what you’ve been paired with.

Aries: Bananagrams

Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, describes Aries as “naturally energetic and competitive.” As the first sign of the zodiac, they’re born leaders and take even a fun word game seriously.

“Bananagrams offers a fast-paced environment that mirrors Aries’ zest for life. The game demands quick thinking and agility,” says Rodriguez. “This aligns perfectly with Aries’ dynamic approach to challenges and their eagerness to emerge triumphant.”

Taurus: Scrabble

Taurus is a bit of an old soul, so they prefer games that have a heavy dose of nostalgia. They’re also known for their methodical nature that suits a strategic game like Scrabble.

“Their patience allows them to meticulously plan each move, seeking the most points while blocking their opponents,” notes Rodriguez.

Gemini: Words With Friends

Is it any surprise that the most social zodiac sign is paired with the word game that has “friends” in the title?

“Geminis thrive on communication and interaction,” says Rodriguez. “Words With Friends lets them engage in playful word battles while staying connected. Their dual nature revels in the game’s blend of camaraderie and competition, making every move a social event.”

Cancer: Crossword Puzzles

“As introspective beings, Cancers find comfort in routines and quiet moments,” says Rodriguez of the zodiac’s homebodies.

“Crosswords offer them a chance to unwind, challenge their minds, and reflect on each clue,” she adds. “The familiarity and sense of accomplishment they get from completing a crossword align with their need for emotional satisfaction.”

Leo: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune has been on television since 1975, but today, everyone can get in on the fun with digital versions of the popular game show. And for attention-seeking Leo, “the flashing lights and glitz and glam” of this word game are perfect, says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina.

“The suspense of the spinning wheel, the grand reveals, and the potential for jackpot wins align perfectly with their love for theatrics and grand gestures,” adds Rodriguez.

Virgo: Spelling Bee

Virgos are the organized and analytical perfectionists of the zodiac. Therefore, Rodriguez pairs them with The New York Times‘ Spelling Bee: “It requires precision, a vast vocabulary, and an eye for detail—qualities that Virgos naturally possess.”

“They probably have a special way to play the game that makes a lot of sense,” adds Garbis.

Libra: Upwords

“Libras value balance and harmony in all things,” states Rodriguez. This is why she says they’ll love the classic board game Upwords, which “challenges players to build vertically, which appeals to Libra’s inherent desire to create equilibrium.”

“The game also involves a blend of strategy and creativity, mirroring Libra’s duality,” she adds.

Scorpio: Keyword

“Scorpios possess a depth and intensity that’s unmatched,” says Rodriguez. “They love games that challenge them to think deeply and draw upon their vast reservoir of knowledge.”

This is why she and Garbis agree that The Washington Post‘s Keyword is a great game for them. “Finding out secrets is Scorpio’s best talent,” points out Garbis, so they’ll love decoding the hidden word.

Sagittarius: Wordle

Adventurous and spontaneous Sagittarius is considered the world traveler of the zodiac, never content to stay in one place for too long. That’s why Rodriguez says Wordle, “with its fresh daily challenge,” will hold their interest.

“Their optimism drives them to believe that the next solution is just around the corner, no matter how tricky today’s puzzle might seem,” she notes.

Capricorn: Boggle

If there’s any sign that can “thrive in structured chaos,” it’s responsible and hardworking Capricorn, says Rodriguez. So, the haphazard placement of the letters in Boggle won’t deter them one bit.

“With a Capricorn’s disciplined approach and persistence, they methodically find word after word,” she shares. “It’s a testament to their belief that order can be found in chaos with enough diligence.”

Aquarius: Pictowords

“Innovative and imaginative, Aquarians enjoy games that offer a unique twist,” says Rodriguez. She recommends that these zodiac rebels play Pictowords, which combines a word game with visuals.

“Aquarians, always eager to see things from a different perspective, will relish the opportunity to decipher clues and think laterally,” she points out.

Pisces: Wordscapes

Sensitive Pisces are the daydreamers of the zodiac. When they need to decompress, they escape into their own imagination.

“Wordscapes, with its tranquil backdrops and word challenges, offers an immersive experience that resonates with their introspective nature,” according to Rodriguez. “Each level serves as an escape, a brief foray into a landscape where their love for words and serene visuals merge.”

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