Things to do at Paris Airport

If you have found yourself with a layover at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, you may now be wondering what to do with your time….besides sleep! The larger of two Paris airports, CDG is a busy airport with a confusing layout that can get the best of even the most seasoned travellers. While the duration of your layover and the terminal you are stuck in will greatly affect your overall enjoyment of time at CDG, there are some decent facilities suited for layover passengers.

To help you plan your stay, we’ve come up with this list of 17 things to do on a layover at Paris CDG Airport.

1. Savour a macaron from Ladurée in Terminals 1 and 2

This delicate french confection is worth every calorie. Authentic French macarons are neither chewy nor over-baked – the crisp outer shell and mouth-melting centre are always perfectly balanced. The small rainbow array at Charles de Gaulle is a must-visit.

2. Duty-Free Shopping in Terminal 2E

The French do luxury better than anyone else in the world. If you are going to splurge then you can’t put a foot wrong with Hermès, Cartier, and Longchamps, among other luxe brands on offer. Indulge in major fashion brands such as Chanel. Fall in love with the fragrances of Dior. So much more awaits!

3. Starbucks to the rescue

Stuck in the airport at 04:00? There aren’t any 24-hour restaurants, unfortunately, however, you will be relieved to hear that Starbucks opens at a frisky 05:00. Enjoy delicious hand-made drinks and unforgettable sweet and savoury products. Try the Bretzel Prastami!.

4. Buy exclusive fragrances and products from Guerlain and Clarins

There are unique products sold exclusively at the airport by agreement. Purchase sweet and musky fragrances that you will not find anywhere else in the world!

5. La Caves a Cigares

A must-visit for that very-special-occasion gift, these are not your every day Gauloises cigarettes. Visit La Caves a Cigares in Terminal 2 if only to “lèche vitrine” or window shop – the French phrase literally translates as “lick the window” which is a marvellous way of describing it.

6. Watch a film from a comfy couch with built-in sound

The video lounge offers a space for weary travellers to rest and recharge on couches. Find these lounges in Terminal 2E halls L and M. Enjoy a cinematic experience with movies, documentaries, and meditation in 2D, 3D and even virtual reality.

7. The many spots to see the planes

Spotting the planes is one of the best things to do in Charles de Gaulle Airport, and there are still a number of other spotting locations.

One is near Terminal 1, on the opposite side of the taxiway to the mound. It’s great if you’re into taking pictures since it offers a view of the taxiway and some parking stands. Another is outside (as long as you are allowed to leave the airport), around the perimeter, through the fence. You’ll easily be able to find them, as locals usually use them for the same reason.

8. Get your nails done or de-stress with a massage in Terminal 1

Just sit back and relax with a manicure or completely let go with a massage at one of the Be Relax spas. The other spas are in Terminals 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F, 2G and 3. Be Relax also offers pedicures and waxing services. Treat yourself to one of the more relaxing things to do in Charles de Gaulle Airport.

9. Don’t miss out on your favourite sport

If you’re missing your favourite sport, head to the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Centre, where you will find the Galaxy Bar. Settle in and kill time by watching some exciting sports events!

10. Don’t miss out on your favourite sport

If you’re missing your favourite sport, head to the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Centre, where you will find the Galaxy Bar. Settle in and kill time by watching some exciting sports events!

11. Sip a unique drink at the Galaxy Bar

If you’re not at the Galaxy Bar for sports, relax and order a drink. Choose from a range of artisan beers, French wines, and extravagant cocktails. The friendly atmosphere will keep you comfortable while you’re waiting for your next flight. Sit back and enjoy all this with one of the more relaxing things to do in Charles de Gaulle Airport. The orange fruity cocktail pictured above was invented by the barman at the Galaxy Bar to celebrate a conference.

12. Go gourmand at Les Saisons restaurant

Take some time to rest your feet and sit down with one of the rejuvenating things to do in Charles de Gaulle Airport, by enjoying a delicious meal at the Les Saisons restaurant. No matter what time of the year you are at CDG Airport, enjoy seasonal dishes and bistro classics, perfect for young and old travellers.

13. One of the great forgotten pleasures of travel is sending postcards.

Make use of the layover time to write postcards. Enjoy printing unique postcards from your own personal photos. You can post them immediately at the post offices at Terminal 2E, at the SNCF-TGV station, on the Arrivals level. Take a trip back in time with one of the more exceptional things to do in Charles de Gaulle Airport.

14. Live luxe in the Air France Lounge

If you are lucky enough to be flying business or first-class on Air France, KLM or Skyteam you have the use of their premier lounge. You’ll have access to the mouth-watering meals, drinks and snacks on offer as well as the complimentary 30-minute spa treatments. Have to work? The lounge has a fully-equipped private workspace.

15. Play some games

There are a couple in-terminal arcades filled with ‘80s video games and pinball machines. If you prefer newer gaming options, Playstation consoles and multiplayer carousel tables are located in all terminals.

16. Get Connected

Stay connected to friends and family, update your social media accounts or surf the internet during your layover. WiFi is free and unlimited, though you can upgrade to faster and stronger options depending on what you need.

17. Sleep

Travellers report that CDG is a fairly easy place to get some sleep between flights, especially if you’re inside Security. Whether a daytime nap or an overnight campout, Terminals 2A and 2E are reported to be the most comfortable. In Terminal 2E, Gate L has orange couches upstairs from the connecting train, so snag one and you can spread out.

There’s also some designated Rest Zones that offer lounge-style seating. Wherever you are, it’s likely to be cold and bright, so pull on a sweater and put your noise-cancelling headphones to use. If you’d rather pay for better quality sleep, you’ve got plenty of options. Passengers en route to or from flights beyond the European (Terminal 2E, Gates K, L, or M) can rent day rooms or overnight stays at the YotelAir sleep cabins. If you only need to freshen up, they also offer shower-only packages starting at €20.

For all other travellers or those who prefer a more traditional hotel, several are located within a few minutes’ walk from Terminals 1 and 3.

The Sheraton offers day room rates in addition to night rates and is a part of the airport making it ideal for the traveller with a longer layover. Sink intpoop a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed, which is a customized, pillow-top bed covered with soft high-end sheets and hypoallergenic pillows.

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